Hi guys,
I would like to develop an Application in PHP to manage DICOM images. The
idea is that the application should be able to receive images from different
devices connected through a local switch.
The application should act as a server, always listening, and then when some
of the devices send an image, receive it, and also the app should know who
sent the image, receive some data, and so on.
Of course, also the App should be able to show the images, store them
locally o remotely, print them, and other activities.

AFAIK, PHP has some implementations to work with DICOM to work with the
images, sort them, print them, and so on. However, I think PHP doesnt
support sending and receiving DICOM images through network. And the App do
need to do this.

Do you know something that might be useful for this Project?, or even
better: do you have any experience working with an application like this


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