Joshua Kehn wrote:
I'm working on creating a compiled extension for some code I've written. Mostly 
it's manipulating a very large multi-demensional array of values. This is some 
pseudo code for the array.

// Imagine this but much much bigger
$big_ass_array = array('5' => array('0' => 4, '3' => 6, '8' => 7), '10' => array('4' => 3, '5' => 10'));
Currently I'm traversing this with

foreach($array as $key1 => $value)
        foreach($value as $key2 => $value)

Well, I hope you are not using it this way.

The above will overwrite your $value variable set by the first foreach

Maybe you had a cut/paste error with the $value1 $value2 portion...

                // Use $key1, $key2, and $value here

My question is how does this translate into the C code I will have to write?

My suggestion would be to download the source code and find a comparable array function and see how they do it.

If anyone has a decent extension building tutorial that would be great too.

First google result for "php extension tutorial"

Just to list a few...



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