Thanks, PHP is now able to include the class file

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Subject: Re: [PHP] Error in initialising XML parser
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Date: Mon Sep 06 2010 13:56:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

PHO won't automatically include a class file by default. You either need to 
manually include it with a require, include it or require_once line, or use an 
automagical include script. As it stands, you're getting the error because php 
doesn't know where your class is.


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Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010 09:12
Subject: [PHP] Error in initialising XML parser
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I am writing a PHP snippet to display invoices that is generated by another computer application. The use case is as follows

1. The other computer application generates the invoices for the month in XML and puts it in a common dirctory. So at anytime there could be multiple files. Each file contains several invoices. These invoices are for different vendors. 2. My PHP snippet will list all the files in the directory. I have got this part right after a lot of research, phew! It displays only xml files and keeps out the others like files begining with "." (dot) etc. This is listed as a series of checkboxes so that the user can view the list of invoices available. Once the user clicks on the checkboxes I POST the file name to the server with the following code

$BillLocation = "/home/cmi/Integration/xml_files";
$StyleSheet = "Bill.xsl";
$DirHandle = opendir($BillLocation);

if ($_POST['_submit_check'])
        $MyBill = new Displaybill($_POST[BillChosen]);
        $MyBill->Show_Bill($MemberId, $StyleSheet);
        $result = List_Directory($DirHandle);

I get a following error Fatal error: Class 'Displaybill' not found in /home/sridhar/Sastra/2010-ClubMan-Integration/ListAvailableBills.php on line 15

I have the "Displaybill" class in the same location as the other file still PHP is not able to locate it. What could be wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Running the whole thing on localhost with the vhosts configured to teh above directory.

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