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Hi Jagdeep,
I know it has been a while now, but I thought I'd let you know.
Setting up a database with a session login and some checks and
balances will allow you to do
what you were wanting with controlling a user using multiple browsers
on the same machine.
I just finished my login system and it is set up with a session that
checks the login status of a user
on every page they go to. I was testing to see how some css was
working on one of the user info pages,
and so I was already logged into the account on safari, I then went
to Opera and Firefox and tried to view the page I
was on and they told me I was not logged in. I also tried logging in
on those browsers and it did not let me.
Hence, I know now it is possible to achieve the results your looking
I just built a query to an ACTIVE_USERS table in my database on the
login page and a session check when each page was visited.
When a user successfully logs into the system, their username and
time of login get stamped in this ACTIVE_USERS table for you to check
You could even put a field in this table that stamps what page they
are on. JAT

Don't know if you still need help with this or not, but thought I'd
let you know what I found out.

If I recall this thread from several months ago... the issue is not detecting that a single user is logged in multiple times (this is known to be trivial - congratulations you've solved a solved problem), but that a person is logged in from one computer multiple times (whether it be via different browsers or virtual machines) where the logged in account is not necessarily the same user account in each logged in instance.

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Oh, that's right. Sorry for the rehash, but I found myself in a similar situation.

Would using flash and LocalConnection work for this?
Have a hidden flash file with a LocalConnection sending out a beacon (if you will) and it will answer itself if any other
browser windows are open that have that LocalConnection.
I think LC would even work if say I had Virtual PC running on my Mac and a safari window open on both.
That plus the twice-solved problem and your good I am thinking.


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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