hi jon yaggi,

i've notice some _ in your link, is the get header sent correctly??
u did not put in your source here, pls do...
we are helpless to u without your code...



Jon Yaggie wrote:

> i am generating an image.  Everything is going fine except this one image.  it shows 
>only as a broken image.  even if you go directly too the file all you get is a broken 
>image.  with out an error of some sort i am baffled where to start.  any one got an 
>idea what may cause such?  here is the url you can try it.
> Thank You,
> Jon Yaggie
> www.design-monster.com
> And they were singing . . .
> '100 little bugs in the code
> 100 bugs in the code
> fix one bug, compile it again
> 101 little bugs in the code
> 101 little bugs in the code . . .'
> And it continued until they reached 0

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