It is unique. I'm writing code that really can't be done any other way. How it 
handles events, sockets, etc is exceptional. The best part is everything now is 
JavaScript. The server (Node.js) is written in JavaScript. MongoDB is 
JavaScript. The frontend used to manage the WebSocket is entirely JavaScript. 

I have essentially replaced J2EE as the backend with Node and I couldn't be 

Of course standard JavaScript woes apply. Debugging is a royal pain in the ass. 
Your code can and will suddenly fail due to odd strange errors. There are 
stability concerns with Node, it is version 0.2 after all. 

It won't replace PHP or Java as an enterprise level solution, but it does fill 
in the gaps very nicely. 


Joshua Kehn |

On Sep 10, 2010, at 2:53 PM, Adam Richardson wrote:

>> This is what I get for taking a week to code everything in Node.js.
> It is a Friday, so I'll let my curiosity get the best of me and ask a
> follow-up on something non-PHP.  What insights/impressions do you have
> regarding Node.js after a week of working with it?
> Thanks,
> Adam
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> Nephtali:  PHP web framework that functions beautifully

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