Richard Quadling wrote:

> On 11 September 2010 20:24, Jim Lucas <> wrote:
>> As I thought, looking through the docs, it looks like the only way to set
>> the options that are only settable via the php.ini file is to use a per
>> directory php.ini file.  But, the problem with that is, it only works
>> with the CGI/FASTCGI SAPI version of php.  It won't work with the apache
>> mod version.
>> So, I guess the question back to you is, what is your setup like?  And if
>> it isn't CGI/FASTCGI SAPI are you willing to change to that setup?
>> Read More:
> Thanks for that. FastCGI. Will do some more work on it now.
If you are wanting to disable parsing of php files on a per-directory basis,
you can do this via .htaccess using

php_flag engine 1|0 (or on|off if you prefer) Rather well
hidden - took me a few minutes to dig it out :-)

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