Gary wrote:
tedd wrote:
I have a client who wants his employees' access to their online business
database restricted to only times when he is logged on. (Don't ask why)

Simply put a "dead man's handle" under his seat which turns on the power
to the server when he sits on it.

I figured we'd get here sooner or later, esp. after I saw Daniel B. talking
about lawnmowers.

And now you can tell the client with a straight face ... "if you want any
work to get done today you'd best sit your @$$ down right here...."

Then, of course, for fun, you could encourage PHB to bounce up & down a
few times a day "to keep the employees on their toes."  He'd dig it, I'm
sure, and you'd pick up a good parcel of extra work recovering DB's ...
and disks.

Richard Quadling:
You get all the employees in a room, with the boss.

And then you tell them that when the boss isn't in, they don't have to
do any work.

I'm pretty sure the employees will be your new BFFs.


We should ABSOLUTELY copy Scot Adams on this.

Wait a minute, maybe Tedd's client IS Scot Adams.

Kevin Kinsey

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