""Gary"" <gp...@paulgdesigns.com> wrote in message 
> Is there a way to insert a watermark on an image as it is being uploaded 
> to the image file, then removed when it is called from a database to be 
> viewed on a website?
> The rational behind this is I have a photographers site I am doing, and I 
> am limiting the size of the images somewhat to reduce pilferage and I 
> would like to be able to show the images a little larger, hence with a bit 
> more clarity and detail.
> Thanks for your input.
> Gary

More info.

I was asked off board where the watermark would show, so I am sorry if I was 
less than clear.  The watermark would show on an image that is being 
downloaded from the server.  If this were to work, I could let viewers see 
an image with a size of 640px in width to show clarity,  (they are only able 
to see an image now with a width of 250 px now) should they decide to help 
themselves to it, it would download with a watermark on it, but the 
watermark would not appear on the web page itself.


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