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 One can make the argument that the ELSE IF statement first surfaced
 circa 1977 in FORTRAN 77 and the CASE statement came later in
 90 circa 1991.

Being a fully-fledged member of the pedants' society, I can't let that go without comment.

Those dates only hold if you stick to FORTRAN. Algol-68 had if-elif-else-fi, and I don't believe it was a pioneer in the structure even then (although the syntax may have been novel). It also had a case-esac structure. I'd say both elseif and case/switch developed in other languages and were adopted into FORTRAN long after they were established as bona fide programming constructs.




And I can't let your statement go without saying that my statement was taken out of context. For example, following the quote you provided was:

"But I know I was using computed GOTOs and GOSUBs long before then."

Which puts forth a situation that you actually support in your rebuttal. In short, you are supporting my argument.

Additionally, I said that "One can make the argument...", which was not the argument that I was making (nor you). If you disagree with what I am disagreeing, then we are in agreement.

So, we are in agreement that constructs found in other languages preceded those finally adopted into FORTRAN.

The main point of my post (not supported by anything other than my logic) was that the CASE construct was more likely derived from the computed GOTO rather than from the ELSEIF construct.

Do you agree with that?




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