It's probably worth noting that very few email clients in use actually observe 
xhtml. When creating html emails you have to step back a half dozen years for 
outlook, which is the current dominant client because of offices.

Essentially, its back to basics, with tables for layout, font tags, and little, 
if any, css. Images for layout are also hit and miss because of spam protection.

If you can't create a template yourself, you're best off looking for one online 
that can be used in an email marketing system.


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From: "David Mehler" <>
Date: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 20:25
Subject: [PHP] Php Newsletter script
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I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a newsletter script they use
and like? Some requirements I have are:

1. Free preferred
2. Can be used via a web browser
3. Can put the newsletter submission on a web page
4. Can use rss to feed that web page
5. Produce Xhtml compliant code and integrate well with a site's existing css
6. can optionally send that newsletter out as plain text or html

Googling has not helped in this matter.

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