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Subject: [PHP] Controlling Output Buffering via php.ini

I want to turn off output buffering.

In the php.ini section I found this and changed it as follows:

; Note: Output buffering can also be controlled via Output Buffering Control
;   functions.
; Possible Values:
;   On = Enabled and buffer is unlimited. (Use with caution)
;   Off = Disabled
;   Integer = Enables the buffer and sets its maximum size in bytes.
; Note: This directive is hardcoded to Off for the CLI SAPI
; Default Value: Off
; Development Value: 4096
; Production Value: 4096
; http://php.net/output-buffering

; Changed by MikeB 09/27/2010
;output_buffering = 4096
output_buffering = Off

Previously when I did a phpinfo(), I got the value of 4096.

After my change, I get:

output_buffering        no value

Some other phpinfo() values (eg. Register Globals)  display an "Off" value.

Did I make the change correctly or is the syntax different?

I did go to the url referenced above, but nowhere that I searched could 
I find the way to specify the value in the php.ini file.


Bah sorry misread your question

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