I am working in a virtual server environment on FreeBSD with PHP4/apache (I
don't have root access to the server).

I would like to install fdf  support. The install instructions that came
with the package from Adobe are minimal.

>From reading the docs on php.net I understood that I could modify my apache
httpd.conf with something like this:

php_value extension_dir /usr/home/serverone/usr/local/lib/mylib
php_value extension libFdfTk.so

So far that isn't working.

It looks like the two relevant files I need are:
FdfTk.h         libFdfTk.so

I put both of these files in the directory I referenced above:

I am not clear if I need to put the FdfTk.h in a specific location and how I
need to reference that.

Any suggestions for how to proceed would be appreciated!


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