On Sun, 2010-10-03 at 11:38 +0200, Lukasz Cepowski wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to introduce the project that I'm working on for a few 
> months :)
> Project is called Vermis (lat. bug, worm). It is an Open Source issue 
> tracker and project management tool for software developers and project 
> managers that has been created for improving quality of code, efficiency 
> and speed of development. Designed as a standard web application written 
> in PHP, it can be used on almost any platform and hosting service, 
> including Windows, Linux and more.
> Project is available here http://vermis.diabloware.com
> The online demo is here http://vermis.diabloware.com/demo
> The long term goal is to compete with commercial products like Jira and 
> other open source software like Trac, Redmine, Mantis, Bugzilla etc.
> Vermis is being distributed under terms of GNU General Public License, 
> so you can use it both in open and closed source projects.
> Why Vermis exists?
> - Jira has a lot of features but it is hard to use, and first of all it 
> is a commercial software
> - Redmine needs RoR which is resource consuming
> - Trac needs Python
> - Bugzilla needs Perl
> - Mantis, hmm i just didn't like it ;)
> Why Vermis is better than the other products?
> - Vermis is written in PHP and uses MySQL, which is probably the most
> widespread and the cheapest web platform nowadays
> - It doesn't require any additional software on a hosting server (except 
> mod_rewrite which is also very popular)
> - Currently it has similar functionalities lika Jira
> - It growns very fast :)
> What Vermis already has?
> - Multiple projects in one place
> - Web access from any place on Earth
> - Public and private projects
> - Many types of issues
> - Components
> - Milestones
> - Versioning and the history of changes
> - Dynamic grids (issue navigator)
> - Many user accounts
> - Online registration
> - Notes
> - File upload
> - Comments
> - Progress bars
> - Email notifications
> What Vermis will have?
> - API via SOAP or REST
> - Graphical reporting
> - Burndown charts
> - Agile support (Scrum)
> - Custom issue types, priorities, statuses, etc
> - Dynamic access control list
> - Automatic collecting reports from the external applications
> - Wrappers for PHP, Java, C#
> - many more ;)
> I'm inviting to watch, test and use Vermis.
> Since version 1.0 RC3 Vermis is its own bugtracker, which is available 
> at http://bugs.diabloware.com
> The latest source code you can download from 
> http://vermis.diabloware.com/download
> Any questions you can post at the official project's forum which is at 
> http://forum.diabloware.com
> I'm looking forward for any feedback, comments and critique :)
> Thanks,
> Lukasz (cepa) Cepowski
> DiabloWare :: Software from Hell!
> www.diabloware.com | www.cepowski.pl
> skype: lukasz.cepowski
> cell:  +48 502 670 711

I like what you've done there. The way you've got the name of the bug in
the URL is good also, which is very different to how Mantis and Bugzilla
do it.

There was one slight issue I found with the search feature. I added a
bug called 'new bug 3rd Sept 2010', but when I searched for the words
'new bug' (without quotes) it wasn't found. Also, when I tried putting
quotes around the two words in the search box, the quote marks were
escaped back into the search box value as \'new bug\'

Aside from that, it all looks good, and I look forward to being able to
use it in the future.


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