$100 a line.

If you want more then one line let's meet and go over the project. I might give 
a significant discount.


Joshua Kehn | josh.k...@gmail.com

On Oct 7, 2010, at 4:51 PM, tedd wrote:

> At 6:50 PM +0100 10/7/10, a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk wrote:
>> Surely it would have been a bit more sensible to work out the time the 
>> programmer had spent on the project and then calculate it as a percentage of 
>> the total time that programmer would spend on it to complete it (which might 
>> not be the whole duration of the project)
>> Also, counting code lines seems unfair. I know it used to be this way, but 
>> its a bit like paying firemen based on the number of fires they put out; 
>> don't be surprised if arson figures go up!
>> I would guess though that this fellow likely had to pay some of that initial 
>> outlay of cash back though, and would further assume the total price 
>> attributed to each line was no more than 3 or 4 cents (damb English androids 
>> don't have the cent character)
>> Thanks,
>> Ash
> As I said, this was a case that I worked on several years ago (20+). I was 
> not the programmer, but rather a consultant for an attorney.
> The programmer wanted to have his payment based upon the hours he put it, but 
> the client wanted proof of the programmers effort. Both were understandable 
> positions.
> Considering that the programmers effort did not work, and there were no time 
> clocks showing the actual hours the programmer worked, the solution centered 
> on an evaluation of the end-product. That evaluation reduced to the amount of 
> code written, which boiled down to lines of code.
> Granted, as Rob said, some lines are worth more than others, but overall a 
> case was made to pay a certain amount per line.
> Now, back to the question at hand -- what price would you sell a line of your 
> code for?
> Cheers,
> tedd
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