Hi all, 

I've been searching all over for a solution to get pspell
going...  I managed to get 4.06 to build with pspell support
enabled, first I got an error about no dictionaries... 
so I installed aspell - since I read there is a dependancy
of some kind between them, now I have a new problem.

When I execute the example from pspell_suggest
(at http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.pspell-suggest.php)

I get the following output:

Warning: PSPELL couldn't open the dictionary. reason: Unable to load the
"aspell" module. in /var/www/spell.php on line 2

Warning: 0 is not an PSPELL result index in /var/www/spell.php on line 4

Warning: 0 is not an PSPELL result index in /var/www/spell.php on line 5
Possible spelling: 

My system specs are:
- GNU/Debian 2.2 2.4+ kernel (and a bunch of unstable packages
needed to build 4.06 from unstable)
- libpspell-dev 0.11.2-2.3
- libpspell2   0.11.2-2.3
- ispell       3.1.20-12
- libaspell8   0.32.6-3.4
- aspell       0.32.6-3.4
- libaspell-dev 0.29.1-1
- php4         4.0.6-3

I'm not sure what else to try... 
Any help would be greatly appricated.

aka Ironstorm (PHPWidgets http://www.northern.ca/projects/phpwidgets/)


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