Do you have any specifications for HBCI interfaces? Socket connection, XML Exchange, DB Access ? If you have C code for such things, it should be possible to convert this to php code maybe

Stephan Ebelt schrieb:
On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 01:50:12PM +0100, wrote:
How do you mean? Did you want to process payments? Or wad it more of an
actual banking thing you needed? I've not heard of hbci before, so can't
offer much information back.

HBCI is the german Home Banking Computer Interface which is supported by most
banks over here. There are free implementations such as the one used in gnucash
and some other projects:
(sorry, site is german but code is english). I could not find a way to use
something like that from PHP code, only C and Java so far.

My goal for now would be to access bank account statements in order to show the
balances. I am not too eager to issue transactions.



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is there a way to do HBCI banking with PHP?


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