Rakesh Mishra wrote:
Hi All,

I  am PHP 4 & PHP 5 developer for last 6 yrs. Last year  also got Zend
Since now I have work on different CMS, Social Networking, telecome , horse
racing domains.

But now I am little bored with developing website. What other things I can
do with PHP ?

Even I believe my knowledge, interest, & market value  with PHP 5 is getting
Do you guys suggest me what other thing I can learn or work which help me to
keep my lust for PHP alive
and also boost my career.

I suggest you concentrate less on the language and more on:
 - interesting / challenging projects
 - using PHP with other new interesting technologies
 - applying design / programming paradigms from other languages in PHP
 - contributing to PHP internals

Status.net, GNU Social, DISO Project, lorea.cc and elgg all occupy a rather interesting project space with small but inspiring communities of people who like to push technical boundaries and merge technologies, particularly within the social space.

http://www.ushahidi.com/platform is a thriving project which combines technical excellence and forward thinking with real world large scale community needs, being critical in several major world events, even if you don't get involved, their code bases for ushahidi + related on http://github.com/ushahidi is brilliant, likewise the swiftriver project http://swift.ushahidi.com/ doesn't look much on the face of it but is really good - just check out the SwiftRiver Research at the right.

There are many interesting protocol based communities who often implement in PHP, and these can be rather interesting / challenging and active spaces - ActivityStreams, Salmon-Protocol, OneSocialWeb to name just a few.

On the technology side of things, you may want to consider going down the NoSQL route for a while, http://nosql-database.org/ gives a good summary of database - I'd recommend CouchDB, MongoDB and Redis for a nice well supported start that will introduce you to new design paradigms and bring many performance increases to your applications.

Alternatively you may find it refreshing to try some other languages, perhaps a functional language like Scala, OCaml or Haskell, or maybe in to a very active language such as ECMAScript (server side js) via something like http://node.js/ you may just find that you don't want to use PHP any more, or you may find that you want to apply the paradigms and lessons learned to PHP using the new features in 5.3

Hope that helps a little, I'll stop here because I could list projects till the end of time!

Many Regards


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