From: Nathan Rixham

> As per the subject, not what other languages have you used, but what 
> other languages do you currently use?
> I guess it may also be interesting to know if:
> (1) there's any particular reason for you using a different language 
> (other than work/day-job/client requires it)
> (2) about to jump in to another language

C, Perl and Java.

Been programming embedded devices and credit card terminals in C (and
ASM) for about three decades. Still have to maintain that code. (We are
supporting some devices that went out of production in 1992.)

Have dabbled in Perl for about half of that time. Started out doing
Perl-CGI for a web site. It's useful for generating test data to emulate
random events, test drivers for communications protocols and to control
test systems.

I'm still learning both PHP and Java. I know just enough of each to be
very dangerous.

I'm most comfortable in C, so I lean towards that for casual projects at

Bob McConnell

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