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> echo $query;
> before
> $result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query);
> might be of help to understand what is going wrong
> copy that query and execute in phpMyAdmin

Or if you're on Windows, use the MySQL workbench (I don't know if it's
available on other platform) to create your sql statements.  For select, you
can do a test run of the query to see how well your DB & sql query is
optimized ;) so you'll get the idea of where any performance bottleneck is
later on :).  For example, my 2 table join select statement of 3684 rows has
initial execution time of 0.031 sec with fetch of 0.016 sec.  Subsequent
runs have 0.000 and 0.000, respectively.  Also, if you use the workbench, it
will encapsulate the fields and table(s) with ` so you know that your will
query should run without any possible mishap such as where you may have a
column name of 'name'.  Another plus is speed of which you can accurately
create your queries on the workbench.


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