I currently use Netbeans and definitely has been the tool I've adopted. I like the features and plugins which make the work less stressful. I like the integration of several tools as well, which make Netbeans a 1-stop shop, so to speak. I use x-debug for debbugging and mercurial for versioning and I love working with Netbeans with these tools integrated. I do, however, notice that after I've been working on a project for at least 4/5 days, Netbeans begins to get a bit "slow". But I attribute it to the number of files in the project, mercurial and my box which has only 1GB of ram.

I've also used Zend and Komodo. Komodo I liked allot, but Netbeans stole me away from it. Zend is excellent but the price-tag forced me to go with Netbeans.

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On Oct 13, 2010, at 12:58 PM, Hansen, Mike wrote:

I'm about to do a lot of work on an existing code base and I think I'd like to try an IDE. I currently use VIM for most editing.

What IDE are you using?

What do you like about the one you are using?

Which ones have you tried?


Good question. I've tried Zend Studio Beta 8, Eclipse, Komodo, and Netbeans on my MacBook Pro. Netbeans is probably the only one that I haven't gotten very frustrated with. They are all very good but eventually all but Netbeans starts to grind to a halt. I love the layout of the Eclipsed-based ones and would love to use Zend Studio or Eclipse. But, when I spend more time waiting for the busy cursor to go away than coding, those nice tools don't do me any good!

That being said, does anyone else use a Mac and have similar problems?

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