2010/10/13 Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk>
> I know this isn't PHP related, but every day I post to this list I get a 
> message back from "mytr...@mail.ua" <mytr...@mail.ua> which is an 
> auto-responder.
> It is rather annoying, and makes little sense for whoever is using this 
> service to sign up to a mailing list and not make this service aware of the 
> mailing list at all.
> Please could whomsoever is responsible please try to figure something out 
> with it. It's ironic, because while it appears to be aimed at preventing 
> spam, it is actually creating spam for me, and doubtless many others.

    I'll drop them from the list if I get the chance later.  If I
don't, and you keep getting them, bitch at us on the webmaster list

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