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> chris h wrote:
>>> I'm working through my class on PHP and I tried to put information from
>>> my
>>> sign-on process in the navbar. This didn't work well, since I had to
>>> reload
>>> the page to see it as the navbar was constructed earlier in the code than
>>> the signon process. (Hard to explain, as we are building a "dynamic" web
>>> page with lots of include files to fill in the main contnt portion of the
>>> page.)
>> I don't know if this will be much help, but I try to do all the controller
>> /
>> model work before I mess with the view side.  So the controller starts off
>> with the ball, then he and the model pass it between each other a few
>> times
>> until the controller finally hands it over to the view, who does her magic
>> and makes the score! ... Perhaps that analogy went to far.
>> At any rate!  Ideally the sign-on task would be done before any tasks that
>> would use sign-on data. Additionally, the layout of your page should
>> not necessarily dictate the order of any tasks (i.e. the sign-on box being
>> below the welcome box should not mean that the sign-on task gets done
>> before
>> the welcome task).
>> Hope that helps!
>> Chris.
> I guess that is kind of how I was thinking I might have to rewrite the code
> - but that seems to be a major departure from the current "architecture" of
> the website we're developing in the course and I'm kind of worried that it
> might get harder and harder to follow along in the lessons if I deviate too
> much.

If your code is being developed along the lines of ...

<html tag><?php logic /><html tag><?php more php logic /><another html tag>

then that is _PROBABLY_ of for a small one of script or a very very
small amount of code.

But for most long term development, this isn't a nice way to work.

Many developers don't like mixing things up.

A mechanism I employ that helped me when I started working with PHP is
to only have 1 echo statement in the entire page.

That way, headers, cookies, etc. can all take place as they need to
but only at the end of the script is the content released to the

In effect, I was doing my own output buffering.

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