iT DEPENDS on which country you are in.

In Canada you can send a text message to any mobile phone simply by sending an email to the phone number followed by the service provider's
Details for the exact addresses each provider use, can be found on the net.

In England there were free providers a few years ago, but I believe now you have to pay for the service.


On 14/10/10 09:45, Paul M Foster wrote:

Being fairly geezerly, I know almost nothing about this, so be gentle.

Assuming someone entered information in a form on a website. Normally,
you would email the responses to someone. But what if you wanted to
send this information to a smartphone via text messaging?

Is this possible, given normal programming tools (PHP/Javascript), or
would you have to go through some commercial web to text messaging
gateway? Does anyone know if this could be done, and how?


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