Hi everyone,
I hope you're doing well (haven't written here for a long time :-)).
The question is as follows: I have a regexp that would do the
following. If the string begins with "Re:", it will change the
beginning to "Re[2]:"; if it doesn't, then it would add "Re:" at the
beginning. But (attention, here it is!) if the string starts with
something like "Re[4]:", it should replace it by "Re[5]:".
Here's the code:

$start=mb_strtolower(mb_substr($f['Subject'], 0, 3));
if ($start=="re:") {
$subject=preg_replace("/^re:(.+?)$/usi", "re[2]:$1", $f['Subject']);
} elseif ($start=="re[") {
// Here $1+1 doesn't work, it returns "Re[4+1]:"!
$subject=preg_replace("/^re\[(\d+)\]:(.+?)$/usi", "re[$1+1]:$2", $f['Subject']);
} else {
$subject="Re: ".$f['Subject'];

I know there actually exists a way to do the numeral addition
("Re[5]:", not "Re[4+1]:").
How do I manage to do this?

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