Dear List -

Here are some questions, which I am sure are trivial, but I am a newbie, and cannot find the answers online....

I cannot get the following to work. In my Firefox [Iceweasel] browser, I enter the following URL: [w/ the http]

 localhost/CreateNew.php All I get is a blank browser screen.

The code  contained in the file CreateNew.php is:

 *  Create Database test22
$cxn = mysqli_connect("$host",$user,$password);
echo    "Create database test22;"
echo    "Create table Names2
        RecordNum Int(11) Primary Key Not null default=10000 auto_increment,
        FirstName varchar(10),
        LastName varchar(10),
        Height  decimal(4,1),
        Weight0 decimal(4,1),
        BMI decimal(3,1)
        Date0 date

echo"   Create table Visit2
        Indx Int(7) Primary Key Not null auto_increment,
        Weight decimal(4,1) not null,
        StudyDate date not null,
        RecordNum Int(11)

        $sql= "SHOW DATABASES";

If I search for test22 or Visit2, nothing is found.

I would also like to be able to add data to a table, using PHP, which I can do in MySQL as: load data infile '/home/ethan/Databases/tester21.dat.' replace into table Names fields escaped by '\\' terminated by '\t' lines terminated by '\n' ;

Thanks in advance.

Using Debian(sid)

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