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> From: Steve Staples [mailto:sstap...@mnsi.net]
> Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 6:59 AM
> To: php-general
> Subject: [PHP] mytr...@mail.us auto responder
> I think I recall seeing a post about this earlier, but can this PLEASE get
> removed, or use an email account that doesn't require me to be friends with
> you??
> Granted, a simple reply would get rid of it, but why use an account that
> requires authorization in the first place?
> <snipped at english>
> -------------------------- english -------------------------------
> Confirmation is required to send your message to mytr...@mail.ua
> My antispam system detected your message as possible SPAM, because
> your address is not listed in my address book ("white list").
> To confirm that your message is not a spam, please open the following
> link:
> http://www.mytrash.mail.ua/confirm/1287409388.H34971P12680.mx.mail.u
> a
> After that your address will be automatically added into my address book
> and you will be able to send me messages from "Steve Staples"
> <sstap...@mnsi.net> without any additional checks.
> You can also use my personal webpage and send me a message anytime:
> http://www.mytrash.mail.ua.
> Thank you,
> sender owner mytr...@mail.ua
> </snip>
> sorry if I am coming across rude or anything.

I don't think you do.  Moreover, I think it's a scam to try to get your e-mail 
address upon reply so they can then spam you since it's a 'confirmed e-mail 
address' ... >.>  I honestly think this address should just be removed from the 
list, IMHO.


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