At 4:40 PM +0200 10/18/10, Jordan Jovanov wrote:
Hello Everybody,

Does somebody know company for PHP programing where people can work from home? Actual I only want to know does have regular or part time job for PHP developers who work from home via internet.

Thanks a lot.

All of my work is on-line from home.

How do I get work? After years of doing web work, it now comes to me.



Jordan, my experience is like Tedd's.
I am new in PHP too.. but the web work which I am not new in comes to me.. because of relationships built on trust and good results. Just aim to serve someone(s) who need(s) whatever you can do .. and keep on trying to actually produce something they actually need.. Let money be the secondary+ consideration. That kind of service orientation to "work" opens all the doors.


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