On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 20:25 -0500, Jay Blanchard wrote:
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> Ye! Ha! Just as I suspected! I can now say I have a very thorough
> understanding of Classes, Objects and methods. :-)
> [/snip]
> May I suggest Head First OOP? They don't do PHP in it but it is very
> valuable for learning about things like encapsulation and some other
> cool words.

You sure can :-) I'm open to anything that I can use to make me better
at programming. I'll check it out on amazon and maybe add it to my

IIRC there was a discussion about PHP books a while back. I'm also gonna
see if I can dig that thread up. I was at half price books today looking
for a good book on PHP to add to my collection, because the ones I have
a quickly becoming outdated but I didn't find anything. Maybe better
luck next time.

I am reluctant to buy books off the internet, because I'm afraid when I
receive them, they aren't actually any good and they become a waste of
my money.

David M.

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