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Hi List,

I'm currently working on a medium sized project as an independent contractor. The project is reaching the 2000 hour range and the client has asked for a project cost. The problem I have in providing the client with a proper estimate is that the client is a start-up and does not have the dollar amount the project will actually cost (@ an average of $20 per/h the cost is roughly $40,000, quite cheap in my opinion considering the project size and required functionality: logins, cms, mysql, ssl, payment systems, shopping cart, and functionality specific to the user type).

I wanted to gain some suggestions on alternative methods of making the project cost reachable to the client, while also allowing me to make a profit. An idea that sounded very good was to agree with the client on a minimal system and upon delivery allow them to place a cost on what they receive. The problem I have with this idea is that I'm afraid the client might not be fair in costing the delivered system.

If you are an independent contractor, what methods have you used and what would you suggest? Greatly appreciate any response.

My apologies in advance if this is not the place to ask.



I've never worked on anything that large so keep that in mind... What comes to mind though is to do it like a module system... Simply provide the most basic part of it first at a price of $5700 ($40,000 / 7 logins, cms, mysql,ssl,payment, shopping, user specifics)

and when they decide they want to be able to take credit cards over the website sell them the "payment systems" module.

It also gives you a product that if it is something that can be used in the general market you can market it and sell it to others.

Just my 2ยข :)

Jason Pruim

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