On 16-Jul-01 Adrian D'Costa wrote:
> Hi James,
> Thanks for your mail.  But I think the problem like somewhere else.
> I have the following:
> echo $buffer;
> There result :
> Content-Type: multipart/mixed; 
> This is wrong.  It should be 
> Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
>  boundary="------------B42DA66C4EC07C9B572A58FC"
> I don't know why it is not reading the whole string.  It seems to treat
> the *boundary* part as another line. 

It _is_ another line; it just happens to starts with whitespace. 
check RFC822.

If you have the whole message in a string (psuedo-code):

list ($h,$msg) =split("\n\n", $mailmsg);

$h=str_replace("\t", " ", $h);  // <tab> -> <space>
$h=str_replace("\n ", " ", $h); //  <nl><space> -> <space> 
                                // i.e. continuation of prior line 

$hdrs=split("\n", $h);


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