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> Hi, folks,
> I'm wondering how to checking existence of a given
> mail address like f...@bar.com .
> At 1st I tried:
>  if f (filter_var ($maddr, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) === false) {
>    /* some sort of error handling code here */
>  }
> where $maddr is the address to be checked.
> But this checks only syntax.. :-(
> Is there any other function which checks whether this
> address really exists?
> And, of course, I want to avoid sending a test mail just
> for checking :-)
> Many THX in advance for suggestions, pointers...


Since most mailservers have disabled VRFY long ago due to spammers and other 

Easiest way is to use class.smtp.php form phpmailer using the following:

$smtp = new SMTP
if (empty($smtp->Connect())) return false;      // Connect failure
if (empty($smtp->Hello("yourmailerver.com")) return false;      //Maybe not a 
if(empty($smtp->Recipient($to))) return false;  //No such user
$smtp->Close(); // Found user so abort transaction.
return true;

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