Hi folks,

I've got a problem with character encoding that's threatening to kill
my little brain.  Here we go:

I have a directory with a bunch of PDFs in it that my webpage displays
links to.  All of the files have the french character  in them. The
operating system is Linux (I did not experience this problem on a
Windows machine). I don't want to type the display name of these files
twice and the website has no database capability so it takes the
filename, rips off the extension, and runs htmlentities() on it before
displaying to the user.  So far so good.  Now to the anchor's href.
The only encoding method I found which creates a proper link to the
file is rawurlencode(), but the catch is that the filename isn't user
friendly at all.  My question then is what is the best solution to
this problem?  Ideally I would like the link to function and for the
filename to be readable.

Any hope/help is appreciated.


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