> > Have you checked to see if that filename is what you think it is on the
> > Linux server?
> The character is shown as a question mark in putty.  I've tried
> forcing a UTF-8 font to make sure it's not a rendering issue but it
> didn't seem to make a difference.  I'm not convinced the encoding
> changed, though.

You say that in putty it is converted to a '?'?  so, on linux, the file
name is no longer what you intended it to be, so wouldn't you then need
to call the file EXACTLY as it is on the linux server?

maybe storing a non-utf8 filename is not the way to go?   it looks to
me, that if the filename was fileÂ.pdf on windose, and is now file?.pdf
on linux, no matter how much encoding you're going to do, you will never
be able to reference the file on linux with fileÂ.pdf as it is now

maybe i am just talking out my ass here... i have a tendency to do that
once in a while :)

side note:  I had a script that was ported from windose to linux, and
the guy who created it, used capitals in his file names, but referred to
them in all lower case.   windose and apache didn't care, it would just
serve the page... ThisPage.php was the same as thispage.php... when we
moved it to linux, non of the damned links worked...so we had to do a
bunch of changes... 


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