From: Richard Quadling

> On 27 October 2010 22:15, Kevin Kinsey <> wrote:
>> Marc Guay wrote:
>>>> As Nicholas pointed out, the extra underscore in the key is the issue.
>>> That's way too easy a fix.  I think he should check to make sure his
>>> version of PHP was compiled with the right extensions and that the
>>> browser isn't doing something unpredictably bizarre when submitting
>>> the form.
>> Just checked the card file, today's cause is: Sunspots.
> I always believed that cosmic radiation was the cause.

I'll second the cosmic radiation. We are currently in the low activity portion 
of the 11 year sunspot cycle[1], and predictions of the next high are lower 
than most cycles recorded over the past century[2]. So that one is not an easy 
sell right now.

Bob McConnell

[1] <>
[2] <>

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