Paulo Work wrote:

Hello, Paulo!

I am building a website with basic CMS functionality.
My problem is that in one of the pages I am using Easyslider to display small comments about the clients.

These comments are divided in 3 per slide.
<p>comment 1/p>
<p>comment 1/p>
<p>comment 1/p>

I am pulling the comments from the db and I would like to know if i can split that array in 3's (array_slice) perhaps?

My goal is to within a foreach loop output 3 comments within a slide(wrapped in <li>), so first 3 would output:

<p>comment 1/p>
<p>comment 2/p>
<p>comment 3/p>
Then another 3

I'm a hacker, so this is a HACK:


<p>comment 1</p>
<p>comment 2</p>
<p>comment 3</p>



I'll leave it to the big boys to debate and devise more elegant

Kevin Kinsey

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