Weird! I just got back on this list by accident last night and I just happen to 
be writing one of these this moment.

The general scheme is:

-Create a mail alias that points to a PHP cli script.

-Write a script that parses out the DB stuff you need etc. (How hard can that 

No need for cron or anything unless you expect heavy traffic and need to manage 
a queue.

It is a really cool feature. Next I need to handle attachments.

Google has some good stuff on this.

Good luck, Phred

On Oct 28, 2010, at 12:24 PM, Don Wieland wrote:

> Hi gang,
> I use a Project Management System (PM) that generates emails to my account. I 
> can REPLY to that email and it will be inserted into the PM. I believe the ID 
> is in the subject. I assume the email is sent to a specified email and there 
> is a CRON JOB that runs a PHP script to query and parse the new emails and 
> insert them in to DB.
> Obviously a cool feature, that I want to use in a few of my web apps. Anyone 
> have any tips/resource links or a product I can use to do this.
> Any feedback is appreciated!
> Don
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