What is the code you're using now? You have a syntax error, but without seeing 
the code, we are all left to guessing what the problem could be.


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Subject: [PHP] questions about if statements regarding a checkbox
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I tried that, but I'm getting the syntax error that says "unexpected 
T_IF".  Probably because I'm trying to process this information directly 
in an email rather letting a mysql database handle the data, which I 
find harder to set up when writing a script from scratch than it would 
be to code a php script to send the data in an email.

On 10/30/2010 22:28, ad...@buskirkgraphics.com wrote:
> <input type=checkbox name=test>
> If check it will submit the value of 'on'
> So
> If($_POST['test'] == "on')
> {
> Do this
> }else{
> Do this
> }
> Richard L. Buskirk
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> Subject: [PHP] questions about if statements regarding a checkbox
> hello,
> I'd like to know the proper code to use in a php script that processes a
> form with a checkbox in order to send one email if the checkbox has been
> checked and another email if the checkbox hasn't.  I tried if($check ==
> true) and I tried putting the word "true" in double quotes, and both of
> them caused the "unexpected variable" syntax error.  The only problem
> is, all I could think to use was that line of code I just used, I'm not
> sure what the proper syntax is for checkbox when using the if statement
> to send one email when the checkbox is checked and a different email
> when it's not checked.  I'm wanting to send an email to the site admin
> with the information given by the person who filled out the form that
> contains the checkbox.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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