On Mon, 2010-11-01 at 04:29 -0400, Ben Brentlinger wrote:
> it could be that the person whom you tried email has reached the quota 
> on their inbox.  It's also possible that the person you tried emailing 
> gave you a fake email address and it's also possible that your domain 
> might be hosted on a cheap hosting account with a company that has been 
> known for other people using their service to host websites that have a 
> bulk mailing script meant for sending spam.  The possibility to what 
> could be going on are endless, but out of all the possibilities I can 
> think of, I can't imagine a spammer hijacking your site to send malware 
> from it being one of the more likely possibilities especially if you 
> have a hosting account with cpanel, which is harder to gain unauthorized 
> access to a cpanel hosting account than it is to gain access to a web 
> server's FTP, especially if you allow public FTP uploads to the site, 
> that can be a breading ground for hackers to upload a password sniffing 
> script onto your site via FTP that would track back to their server, 
> which would allow them to hack into your website.  Cheap, no name 
> webhosting companies are more likely breading grounds for those kinds of 
> shady charachters.

You must be one of them, because using scare tactics and lies to sell
hosting plans is shady dude and thats exactly what your doing.

>   If you have an account with one of those no name 
> companies, I'd recommend changing webhosts immediately, otherwise, you 
> should be ok.  If you do, though, and you're not sure who to switch to, 
> I'd recommend hostgator 
> <http://secure.hostgator.com/%7Eaffiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=BenBrent>.
> They're not as big as 1&1 or Godaddy, but there one of the biggest 
> webhosting companies that use cpanel.  I wouldn't recommend any 
> webhosting company that doesn't use cpanel because anything else is 
> either harder to use, not as secure or both.

David M.

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