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> This can only be done with javascript, as the iframe is client-side, which 
> php knows nothing about.

 sounds to me like OP is building the page which will have the iframe
in it which means this is totally doable server side.  in fact, id
almost prefer server side as that allows masking of the origin making
overriding css values easier afaict.

> I am building a website for a tshirt company that uses another
> company to get garments and promo items to print on.
> The client wants to just have those pages load on top of their
> website, but wants the layout to go with their look and feel. their css.
> We have the go ahead from the other companies to do so as well.


this could be done server or client side, however the trouble is
altering the css for every page inside the iframe could be a real
pain.  basically what you could do is act as a proxy, each 'page' from
the original site should be 'made a page' on your site.  basically
youll have to change anchor tag href attributes so each request that
would go back to the original site goes through your site first.  that
way youll have the chance to change the result before handing it back
to the client.  also youll obviously need to change the url to css
file(s) per your primary requirement.  if you do as i suggested above
and make the remote site appear as being served from your domain, you
should be able to get away w/ using a css file served from your domain
as well.

as one of my college professors used to say however, the devil is in
the details, mwahaha.  i would recommend initially experimening to see
if you can use w/e look & feel customizations the remote site offers
to determine if embedding in the iframe w/o any proxy effort is


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