I want to replace strings in string using a key / value array as the
replacemant contract
I want to find a open en close tag, pick out the word in the middle and
replace it by the value of the key that match the picked out word.

<<test>> <<test>>

should result in

this is a test this is a test

well, The below code works for only one replacement cause when I add another
on the same line. it will pick out
test>> <<test
als the key wordt and therefor isn't able to find this key in the array.

how can I get the reg expression so it will not only get the first occurence
of the open tag and the last of the close tag ??

please help,

kind regards
Jeroen Olthof

$ASSIGN = array(test => "this is a test" )

$OPENTAG = "<<";
$CLOSETAG = ">>";

while ($line[$i]) {
    ereg($OPENTAG."([^*]*)".$CLOSETAG, $line[$i], $regs);
    $newString .= str_replace($this->OPENTAG.$regs[1].$this->CLOSETAG,
$ASSIGN[$regs[1]], $line[$i]);

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