2010/11/4 David Oros <david.o...@platon.org>:
> I have scripts that need for example exec() functions, but in general conf -
> suhosin.ini the exec function is disabled, so I turned on suhosin simulation
> mode. Now it is logging ALERT-SIMULATION messages in syslog, but it also
> blocks the scripts with exec() function. As I read on php.net, when
> simulation mode is on, it should not block the script, only log the alert.

    I believe that you're probably referring to a user-submitted note,
because we (php.net) do not maintain or support the Suhosin project.
That is instead a completely third-party patch.  Unfortunately, it
appears as though their support forums are down at this time, but if
you continue to experience this issue, you may want to contact the
maintainers directly.  Their website is

    That said, I haven't had the same issue myself before.  You did
remember to restart Apache for it to take effect, correct?

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