On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Steve Staples <sstap...@mnsi.net> wrote:

> Hey guys (and gals)
> I am writing something that needs to connect to a SMB server... can this
> be done easliy?
> I copied a sample code from php.net that used the system() command and
> mounted the SMB to a /mnt/tmp partion, and technically, it works.... the
> problem is, is that mount has to be run as root...
> is there a way to put the "mount/unmount" commands into an allowed
> command?   i supposed, the other problem is, is waht if this is on a
> windows machine?
> i dont really want to mess with permissions too much, since this will
> have to be portable from linux to windows...   any help would be
> appreciated...

is there any reason the php application code has to be responsible for
mounting the network drive?

typically this is an os-level responsibility.


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