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> Hello All,
> I'm looking to build a DB with items that are considered more of a catalog
> on one side of a website, and then provide those same items including the
> same images, descriptions etc. to a shopping cart.
> I don't want to re-invent all of the basic shopping cart functionality and
> I'm not sure I want to use something like OScommerce and inject the data
> into it at the same time as putting data into our database that we are
> writing.
> I was hoping someone out there has some suggestions, or even a cart module
> that would allow me to easily integrate into.

One recommendation I can give you is to spend some time determining if
Magento works for you.  This is a conventional platform written on top of
Zend Framework.  OScommerce, and a derivative, ZenCart are ancient, and
there are many nasty things about the programming practices, most notably,
the 'view' layer, which is markup intermingled with logic .. its pretty bad.

Magento is robust, and has a feature set that makes OScommerce look like it
shipped from the third world.  That said it may be overkill as well - just
my 2c.


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