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> Hi,
> Just a precision, I don't want to modify the user's code, I would like to
> configure my server properly so it does not happen again even if another
> user makes a similar mistake.
> Thanks,
> Simon


This I find next to impossible to achieve.  As I figure it like this,
imagine that your server is a perfectly fine tuned sports car.  The driver
(the user and his/her app) is an experienced, lack of racing training, or
doesn't understand the concept of racing and decides to push the car to
limit.  I'd say that the car will break down or end up in a big crash 99.9%
of the time.  Thus,  if wish you to maintain high availability as a
provider, I strongly suggest you to inform the user to fix his/her app.  As
for changing that setting of ignore repeated errors, you're just letting
buggy apps slide by, which can be both a stability and security issue, IMHO.


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