some time have past since the last release and some changes have been made.

Vermis, the new open source issue tracker written in PHP,
based on Zend Framework and Doctrine ORM is heading towards stable version 1.0.

Today I would like to introduce the latest development version (r63-20101108) containing many bug fixes and some new features.

What is new in the project:

- Improved issues navigator, allows you to browse your issues in an easier way by breaking them by component, milestone, type, status and priority.

- SMTP integration, you don't need to setup a mail service on your machine, use any mail account and send notification emails via SMTP.

- IIS Support, even if you can't install Apache you can still enjoy using Vermis on your Windows box, finally Vermis is working under Microsoft IIS Web Server.

- Lightbox, show your image attachments in a popup box.

- Migration guard, you can safely upgrade Vermis to the latest version.

You can try out the online demo at http://vermis.diabloware.com

Feel free to test, download and use Vermis.
Please let me know if everything is working as it should, any kind of feedback is much appreciated :)

Home page: http://vermis.diabloware.com
Forum: http://forum.diabloware.com
Bugs: http://bugs.diabloware.com

Thanks, Lukasz (cepa) Cepowski

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