On 11 November 2010 00:46, Al <n...@ridersite.org> wrote:
> Briefly, what are the trade offs on a typical shared host?
> I've done a little research and can't seem to find anything outstanding
> either way.
> Seems like as an Apache module is faster. This argument makes sense.
> CGI is more secure, this argument doesn't seem too persuasive to me. Maybe
> I'm missing something.
> Thanks....

I used to run PHP in ISAPI (on Windows with Sambar Server). Probably
the 1 big thing at the time was database connection persistence.

But that was a LONG time ago.

Everything is a LOT faster and now I use IIS+FastCGI+PHP and I no
longer use DB connection persistence as there were issues when
accessing multiple databases using the dbselect style functions.

I don't know if Apache supports fast cgi (I'd be surprised if it didn't).

But in a security vs speed contest, security should always win.

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