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> http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/e6zs1/how_many_of_you_use_pear_in_your_projects/
> I'm still pretty new to PHP. Why the hate for PEAR? I've used a couple of 
> PEAR modules without any issues.

    Some of the PEAR stuff is older and unmaintained, which is one
possible reason.  More likely is that folks often expect PEAR to be
the end-all, be-all, and that was never the intent.  PEAR is supposed
to jump-start a project and extend some built-in functionality, not
provide a framework or do all of the work for folks who consider
themselves "programmers" because they can iterate an array in just
twenty-seven lines of procedural code.

    As for folks who say that PEAR and PECL don't work --- the most
common reason for this is user error or system configuration issues.
I've experienced the same issues myself over the years.... quite
frustrating, but sure enough, it was my fault most times.

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