Many special fonts don't have all the characters besides letters and
numbers. Perhaps thats the problem?
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Subject: [PHP] true type fonts

i am creating images using true type fonts.  i have uploaded all my fonts
into one directory on the server(/fonts)

some fonts like arial.ttf work.  however other show up as boxes.  they are
beautiful but not quit the desired effect.  what is the problem any idea?
it cant be a scriptproblem can it? it has to be the files or maybe server
set up?   i have done this before with no problem so i am stumped at what
the difference here is and why some work.


Thank You,

Jon Yaggie

And they were singing . . .

'100 little bugs in the code
100 bugs in the code
fix one bug, compile it again
101 little bugs in the code

101 little bugs in the code . . .'

And it continued until they reached 0

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