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> And yes, I know that this is Apache - I am just not a fan of IIS.

I quite like it. It probably does way so much more than I need or want
and I think I can do everything that I can on Apache.

IIS7 is certainly a massive leap ahead of the PWS I first tried to use.

IIS+FastCGI+PHP. Add the Rewrite plugin and the PHP extensions
WinCache and SQLSvr (PDO if you want it) and you have a well defined
simple setup.

Obviously, getting to grips with the administration UI is a bit
different to just editing a plain text config file, but IIS does use
an XML file for its config, so, once you know the xsd, you can do that
by hand also. Full docs on the xsd are available online, so really,
I'd guess in terms of ability, IIS and Apache are on-par.


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